Hair cut

Hair cut
He was so tired

Friday, July 11, 2008

July 10th Haircuts

Grandma is the best hair cutter ever. She is so good she can put very tired boys to sleep!!! When Hudson was about 1 and 1/2 he fell asleep everytime he got a haircut. For those of you that know Hayden you will understand when I tell you that this never happened to him!!!! But the tradition goes on in the baby ( oh I mean that "big boy" ). While Grandma Lynda was cutting Harrisons hair we were just talking away when she noticed harry's head went forward! Oh he looked so cute!!! Just like his older brother.

Well here is a story about Hayden bug.... Ok, we just moved right, there are two 12 year old boys across the street that my boys are in love with... ok not in love with, but they are the coolest kids ever!!! These boys have long hair and Hayden just is in awe of them. When we moved in I told them we had to go get haircuts and Hayden refused. He said he wanted his hair like Austin and Daniel. Well much to our dislike we let him grow it out. I thought, oh its just hair. Well after two months we had had it!!! He couldn't see out of his eyes and when he came in from playing in the hot sun he smelled like a wet dog!!!! Thick strait hair on a 5 year old doesn't look so cute. So I told him that he was getting it cut. Well he just looked at me and said."if you make me cut my hair, I will be so mad at you!" Almost broke my heart.... but it didn't. Chad told him, if you don't have Grandma do it I will and you don't want a bald head do ya? He gave in at that point and let Grandma do it. He told her exactly what he wanted though.. Short on the sides and longer on the top, you know like a mohawk!!! WHat~~~~ No WAY!!! But Grandma was good and secretly cut it the right way. A mohawk is easy to make with a little gel.

Ahhh, boys are so fun. Hudson has a little pet snake right now. I don't like it at all but I have got to let them be boys. They like scaring me with it ( when I say they... I mean Chad too). AHHH Good times!!!!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

July 9, 2008

So two of my friends finally talked me into doing a blog. I thought it would be a great way for my out of state family to keep track of us and to watch my boys grow up. Please bear with me as I try and get this going.
Here is an update on the Smith family. The boys are enjoying their summer greatly. We are living on a cul-a-sac now that has about 10 other kids on it and all my boys want to do is play play play. I love it cause they are outside and they get very tired at bed time, so momma gets some sleep too. Chad has been working alot of overtime lately. We miss him when he is gone, but enjoy having his days off with him. We are saving up right now for a little getaway to Shasta and Redding to see family and go to a big water park.

Ok I am going to go figure out how to put pictures on here now.

Hudson, 7, and Evie girl

Hayden Bug, 5

Our naked cowboy, Harrison, almost 3